Virus Protection Solutions

Liberty Elevator understands that we are in a new world where proactive health & safety protocols are essential. Elevators pose a unique challenge and we offer a number of elevator disinfectant and COVID-19 virus protection solutions.

Elevator Cleaning, Sanitization & Virus Protection Solutions

Liberty Elevator is here to help you through this transition and to assist you in overcoming your unique vertical transportation challenges. We will educate you on the elevator virus protection options available for reducing the risk of virus transfer surrounding your elevator, from hands-free elevator applications to updated cleaning tips. We can help guide your team through the creation and execution of a health & safety plan for your elevator that works within all of your building and business’ specific needs. 

Hands-Free Applications for Elevator Virus Protection

  • Destination Dispatch – Integrate your elevators with your current building security/concierge system
  • Touch-To-Go & Toe-To-Go – Easy cleaning touch screens & foot activated hands-free call buttons
  • Holographic Call Buttons - Projected interactive display results in a touch free environment
  • Mobile Applications – Elevator call stations available on your mobile phone
  • RFID & Bar Code Scanners - Swipe employee credentials at elevator terminals for floor access
  • UV Light Fixtures – Automated cab & call station virus sterilization with UV lighting
  • Air Filtration Systems – Constant air flow purification within your elevator cab

Based on your elevator’s current configuration, one or more of these applications may help to reduce the spread of viruses & other contaminants within your property. Liberty Elevator is actively researching cutting edge technologies and new applications to help get your team back on its feet and the American economy rolling. 

Elevator Cleaning & Disinfection Tips

  • Use proper chemicals & techniques to disinfect
  • Create a cleaning schedule
  • Communicate clearly with guests and tenants 

In this mad rush to combat COVID-19 we may have overlooked the long term damage that some common cleaning chemicals may have on components & surfaces.  While disinfecting is priority one, you don’t want to inflict unnecessary damage to your electrical and mechanical devices that may result in costly repairs in the future. Cleaning Tips

Return to Service Guide

Liberty Elevator offers a complete range of virus protection solutions for your commercial elevators. If you would like a copy of our 'Return to Service' guide or to further inquire about a specific elevator solution, please submit your inquiry on the Contact Us page or call 800-522-4551.

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