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Elevator Tech That Protects During The Pandemic

Dru Brooks

Elevators That Fight Virus Spread

As businesses make plans to reopen following the Coronavirus pandemic, there will be an elevated focus on the health and safety that your property offers to your staff & guests. In these times, reducing the risk of contamination & the spread of viruses is of paramount importance. Liberty Elevator is actively working with industry leaders to offer a portfolio of options to best integrate your elevator into your health & safety plans.


Hands Free Elevator Applications

The easiest way to reduce the transfer of contaminants is to reduce the number of items that we come in physical contact with daily. As a key traffic hub for your property, the elevator is one of the highest areas of communal interaction within your building. By reducing the amount of contact points within your elevator, you can reduce the opportunities for contaminant transfer within your business.

These are a few ways to reduce or eliminate the need for physical contact with your elevator.

  • Security System Integration:  Elevator call systems can be integrated within your buildings current concierge/ security platforms.
  • Mobile Access:  Offer cloud based applications that your tenants & guests can access via their cell phone.
  • RFID Fobs & Bar Codes:  Introduce scanners at each elevator terminal.
  • Destination Dispatch: Technology that can control all elevator features and manage passenger traffic flow. 

Self-Cleaning Elevators

Another way to address the possible transfer of contaminants within your elevator is to maintain a rigid schedule of cleaning & disinfecting of all elevator surfaces. Dedicating a staff member to the constant upkeep of your lift may not be practical, as their services may be required throughout your entire business. Implementing an automated cleaning system may be the most efficient & cost effective way to address disinfecting your elevator.

Here are some upgrades to your current elevator hardware that can assist in disinfecting your elevator cab.

  • Air Filtration : Adding or Modernizing your elevator air filtration system.
  • Automated Disinfection:  Automated disinfecting spray dispensers in your elevator cabs.
  • UV light:  Projectors can be integrated into your elevator control panels.

Liberty Elevator is actively researching cutting edge technologies and new applications to help get your team back on its feet and the American economy rolling. 

Your Elevator Solution

Based on your elevator’s current configuration, one or more of these applications may help to reduce the spread of viruses & other contaminants within your property.  Please contact Liberty Elevator to find the best elevator solutions for your property & start the process of reopening your business today. 

Liberty Elevator's Service Area

As one of the top elevator companies in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, Liberty Elevator understands that our customers have unique needs and offers our clients the freedom to choose.

Whether choosing a customized elevator maintenance program, installing nonproprietary equipment, or providing a flexible agreement, Liberty Elevator provides knowledgeable recommendations for various models and vintages of elevator equipment.

For solutions to any of your elevator needs, contact Liberty Elevator today and start your elevator on the road to recovery.


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