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As one of the top elevator companies in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, Liberty Elevator understands that our customers have unique needs and offers our clients the freedom to choose.

Whether choosing a customized elevator maintenance program, installing nonproprietary equipment, or providing a flexible agreement, Liberty Elevator provides knowledgeable recommendations for various models and vintages of elevator equipment.

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Elevator installation mechanic delivering service with a smile
Elevator Installation

From consultation, project management to completion.

Elevator hoist sheaves and cables behind a glass facade
Elevator Modernization

When your machine room and equipment need a complete overhaul.

Maintenance Technician adjusting elevator  equipment
Elevator Maintenance

Full service, IUEC licensed mechanics on call 24 hours a day.

Cab Refurbishment, new elevator buttons
Elevator Refurbishment

Give your elevator’s image a facelift.

Custom glass elevator at Richard Mille, beveled steel and glass
Custom Elevators

Does your elevator reflect your business’ image?

We Service
New York, New Jersey & Pennsylvania
We overlap our Local No. 1, Local No. 5 and Local No. 138 elevator service mechanics’ routes to reassure our customers that someone will always be available in the event of an emergency. Contact Us