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Dru Brooks

Building Owners on the East Coast are used to battening down the hatches and prepping for hurricanes from August to October, but is there something you are missing? While most people know to protect exteriors against driving rain and high winds, elevators are often overlooked during storm preparations. As storm after storm churns toward the United States in the early fall, building owners in high-risk areas should prepare a hurricane checklist in case one is headed their way.


Hurricane Checklist

  • Check sump pumps, alarms & float switches in your elevator pits. This should be on your regular internal maintenance schedule, but always give your elevators a second check whenever severe weather warnings are issued in your area. 
  • Close all vents & openings in machine rooms and hoistways. Be conscious that machinery still needs adequate ventilation to prevent overheating. 
  • Place sandbags on hoistway doors. This is only necessary when elevators are open to the atmosphere – for example, parking garages, pedestrian bridges, or subway stations. 

Power Outage Upgrades

  • Powervator To combat power outages, consider investing in a Powervator. This product improves tenant safety by reducing the possibility of passengers being trapped if building power is lost or interrupted. Learn More 
  • Auxiliary Power Supply – HAPS/TAPS These Auxiliary Power Supplies provides backup power when commercial power is lost, safely delivering the elevator car to a landing and maintaining door power so passengers can exit. Learn More

Elevator preparation is essential to minimize property damage when a hurricane is on the horizon. Complete these steps to help protect your equipment from powerful winds and flooding and to preserve the life of your equipment.

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