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Be Prepared For The Next Power Outage

Dru Brooks


We may have just wrapped up a major blackout in NYC this past weekend, but the heat of summer is here and power fluctuations are inevitable, causing more energy disruptions and major equipment malfunctions. When the thermometer spikes don't get stuck in the dark, ensure that your property's elevators are protected with these valuable tips!



To combat power outages, consider investing in a Powervator. This product improves tenant safety by reducing the possibility of passengers being trapped if building power is lost or interrupted. 

  • Battery-operated lowering device designed for many types of elevators.Safely lowers your elevators, opens the cab doors, and shuts the elevator down with the doors open, allowing passengers to safely exit the car.
  • Automatic activation - Unit turns on during power failure. Will provide multiple voltages for seamless valve and door operation.
  • On/Off and Push-To-Test switches on the circuit board aid in routine diagnostic tests and allow safe maintenance work. 
  • Maintenance-free gel-cell batteries are trickle-charged for prolonged life. Sealed batteries eliminate the possibility of dangerous fume build-up.
  • Complete unit is CSA approved.

Hydraulic Auxiliary Power Supply - HAPS 

The Hydraulic Auxiliary Power Supply, HAPS, provides automated rescue of trapped passengers in the event of a commercial power failure.

  • Provides power to lower the hydraulic elevator safely, delivering the elevator car to a landing and maintaining door power so passengers can exit.
  • shuts down after a timer expires to conserve battery power and prevent battery damage due to excessive power drain.
  • “Intelligent rescue” shuts HAPS down immediately upon rescue completion, providing optimal battery conservation and protection.
  • Once a rescue operation has begun, HAPS will complete the rescue cycle regardless of commercial power status. This prevents “start and stop” due to unstable commercial power delivery.

Traction Auxiliary Power Supply - TAPS

Traction Auxiliary Power Supply (TAPS*) provides backup power when commercial power is lost, safely delivering the elevator car to a landing and maintaining door power so passengers can exit.

  • During normal operation, TAPS builds and maintains reserve energy while continuously monitoring commercial power.
  • During power outage, TAPS will automatically move the car up to the next landing, without requiring a load weighing system, ensuring that energy use is minimized and battery power is conserved for as long as possible.
  • Battery saving, rescue complete input shuts off backup power when rescue is complete

Regulate Your Motor Room Temperature!

  • Be sure to keep your motor room between 45* and 90* degrees Fahrenheit with relative humidity not to exceed 85%!

Liberty Elevator is committed to keeping you from losing your cool this summer. Contact us today to discuss the best options for your property and to have peace of mind the next time the lights go out. 

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