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Do's and Don'ts of Getting Stuck in an Elevator

You have probably seen a movie or read a book where someone got stuck in an elevator. This can be a stressful time, and many people do not know how to react. In order to avoid injury, it is recommended that you try to remain calm and stay put until help arrives. Here are some do’s and don’ts for when you may be stuck in an elevator.


Do Remain Calm

Being stuck in an elevator can be nerve-wracking. Depending on the number of people in the elevator, it will begin to get warm if everyone is breathing heavily in a state of panic, only increasing discomfort and nervousness. Do your best to remain calm and try to keep the others in the elevator calm.

Do Ring the Alarm

Press the alarm button in the car and wait for someone to respond to you. Some buttons have an alarm bell image, while others have a phone image. Someone who is equipped to handle the situation will answer and give you further instructions. 

Do Use Other Means to Communicate if Possible

If you or anyone else in the elevator has a cell phone that is receiving a signal, alert emergency services of your situation.

Do Move to the Rear of the Elevator

After you have contacted the elevator or alarm company, move toward the rear of the car and face forward. When the elevator company or emergency services attempts to open the door it is best to be toward the back of the car and out of their way. 

Don’t Jump Up and Down

When the elevator is malfunctioning, some may think jumping up and down will give it a jumpstart to run again. This could affect the car’s stabilizer system and make it more difficult to be rescued. 

Don’t Attempt to Pry the Doors Open

When you are stuck in the elevator, certain instincts will kick in that might make you want to pry the door open. If the elevator starts to move while the doors are open, people are prone to falling out of the car, and face increased danger.

Don’t Try to Exit

Even if the doors are slightly open and there is room for you to exit the car, wait for emergency personnel. They will ensure the elevator is shut off properly before helping you exit. If you attempt to climb out of the car on your own, the elevator may start moving again while you are stuck in the doors, which of courses is very dangerous.

Focus on the Task at Hand

Try not to panic. Keeping yourself and the others in the car calm will help everyone get out of the car faster. Being level-headed and focusing on the instructions given to you from emergency personnel will ensure you get out of the car safely. 


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