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Relax- Elevators are much safer than you think


Only in the Movies

Elevators often play a big role in many action scenes and horror movies, whether it’s a villain trapping a hero in an elevator or a cab plummeting thirty stories. The idea of elevator catastrophe is one that is implanted in our collective consciousness as something to fear. However, here are some things you might not know about elevator safety mechanisms which have been implemented specifically to prevent the tragedies we fear most.

Elevator Cable Failure:

Many gripping scenes depict an elevator suspended by a single cable, which snaps and drops the cab.

  • Reality: Any elevator using cables and a motor to work has multiple cables holding it up. Additionally, the likelihood of a cable snapping is slim. Modern cables are engineered to hold twelve times the weight of the elevator when it’s full of passengers. If you’re worried about overloading the elevator, don’t be: most elevators won’t close their doors or move if the weight limit is exceeded.

Suffocation in an Elevator:

People worry that if an elevator cab is trapped between floors, those inside will have a limited oxygen supply and suffocate if trapped too long.

  • Reality: You may not know that elevators are specifically designed not to be airtight. There’s a minimum requirement that an elevator cab’s floor space must be at least 2% vents, and many elevators are also air conditioned or heated, meaning anyone inside has a constant supply of air. 

Elevator Free Fall:

Not all elevators rely on cables to function. One common misconception is that the elevator can plummet several floors or down the whole shaft.

  • Reality: All modern elevators are equipped with speed governors. When the elevator exceeds a certain speed, an emergency brake kicks in to stop its movement. Even if a loss of power were to occur, the elevator would make a controlled stop, not fall to the bottom of the shaft.

Hopefully this has laid some of your fears about elevators to rest, but if you want to be sure everything is safe and sound, your best course of action is to find a reliable elevator provider to maintain your equipment. 

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