Elevator Modernization

When NY, NJ, PA and FL businesses choose Liberty Elevator for their elevator upgrades and modernization, they can rest assured their elevators will be safe and code compliant. We understand that updated elevator equipment drives energy efficiency, reduces wait time, increases safety, and improves the overall competence of your elevator.

Modernize Your Machine Room & Elevator Equipment

The life expectancy of most elevators is approximately 20-25 years with proper elevator maintenance. Tenant expectations are high and moving people in a safe and efficient manner is important to owners and management companies. If you feel that your equipment is due for an upgrade, a dedicated member of our sales team will arrange a survey with our certified modernization technicians.

Liberty Elevator Services & Products

ADA Compliance Elevator Cab Replacement & Renovation
Door Operators Dispatch Systems & Controllers to Minimize Wait Times
Door Protection Devices Elevator Door Replacement or Refinishing
Main Drive Machines Hydraulic Jack & Piston Replacements
Power Units Emergency Lowering Devices
Pump Units Fire Service Compliance
Valve Conversions Signal Fixtures

Professional Elevator Modernization Team

Our in-house engineering department and design experts collaborate to incorporate your brand's design concept and intended equipment operation. Liberty Elevator excels in designing custom applications that complement the building's space and conceptual vision.

We offer a complete range of modernization options for your business. If you would like a quote or have any further inquiries, please submit the following form on the Contact Us page.

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