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What Is An Automobile Elevator?

Dru Brooks

Freight elevators are a common sight in many parking garages and are often referred to as Automobile lifts. They are used to transport cars from one parking level to another. Automobile elevators can be a valuable asset for parking garages, as they can help to improve efficiency and safety while maximizing your parking capacity without the need to introduce long ramps to move from floor to floor. These freight elevators are specifically designed to handle the weight capacity of most commercial vehicles.


Benefits of Using Freight Elevators in Parking Garages

There are many benefits to using freight elevators in parking garages. Some of the most important benefits include:

Increased Efficiency: Freight elevators can help to increase the efficiency of parking garages by reducing the amount of time it takes to move cars from one level to another. This can be especially beneficial in large parking garages with multiple levels and service attendants valeting automobiles.

Improved Safety: Automobile elevators can help to improve safety in parking garages by reducing the need for guests to maneuver through tricky traffic patterns with oncoming traffic. This can help to prevent accidents and injuries.

Facility Security: You can limit access to secure levels of your parking garage with keypad or remote keyless access points.  Allowing the property manager to monitor and track the security of the facility.

Reduced Traffic: Freight elevators can help to reduce traffic in parking garages by allowing cars to be moved directly to their destination. This can help to make parking garages more efficient and less congested.

Space Constraint:  By removing the need for long ramps to move vehicles up and down, you can fit an efficient parking system within a more confined space by installing an automobile elevator. These elevators allows for convenient access to showrooms and custom car displays without impacting the layout of the entire building.

Types of Elevators for Moving Automobiles

There are several different types of freight elevators that can be used to move automobiles. The two most common elevator types include:

Hydraulic Freight Elevators: Automobile freight elevators use a hydraulic cylinder to raise and lower the elevator platform. In a hydraulic elevator, a pump forces oil into a cylinder, which pushes a piston up, while the release of the fluid controls the descent of the cab. Hydraulic freight elevators are typically less expensive to install than other types of freight elevators and are more energy efficient for low-rise applications. Learn more about Hydraulic Elevators.

Traction Freight Elevators: A traction elevator uses a system of ropes and pulleys to move the elevator car up and down. Traction elevators use an electric motor to raise and lower the elevator car as well as a counterweight to help reduce the energy necessary to move the elevator cab. Traction Automobile Lifts are more expensive than hydraulic freight elevators to install, but they are also faster moving and able to travel to greater heights. Learn more about Traction Elevators.

Key Features of Automobile Freight Elevators

Although Automobile Elevators have many of the same features as traditional commercial elevators, they do feature a few characteristics that are more common to these heavy duty freight elevators.

Protective Bumper Rails (Wooden or Rubber) Heavy Duty Flooring & Door Sill Tracks
Battery Backup / Emergency Power Sources (HAPS, TAPS) Vertical Bi-Parting Doors
Monitoring Camers & Spot Indicators Audible & Visual Alarms

Most Common Applications for Automobile lifts

Car Dealerships: Using a freight elevator to move automobiles to elevated showrooms  are possibly the most common use for automobile lifts.

Parking Garages: Many parking garages in highly congested areas, such as New York City & Northern New Jersey, valet cars strategically throughout the day via car elevators.

Residential Parking: In private condominiums with attached parking facilities, it is common to use an Automobile lift to reduce the necessary footprint of the parking garage, removing the need for ramps.

Industrial Use:  The oversized heavy freight elevator is often used in industrial facilities to move fully loaded vehicles from manufacturing to distribution.

Choosing the Right Automobile Elevator for Your Property

When choosing an automobile elevator for your facility, there are several factors you should consider, including:

The number of cars that will be using the elevator: The size of the elevator cab will need to be large enough to accommodate the number of automobiles that will be using it. Additional elevators may be needed to best accommodate your facility’s traffic patterns.

The weight of the cars that will be using the elevator: The elevator will need to be able to support the weight of the heaviest car that will be using it.

The height of the parking garage: The elevator will need to be able to reach the highest level of the parking garage. This will impact the type of elevator you can apply to your facility.

The budget: Freight elevators can range in price dramatically, up to several hundred thousand dollars. Choose an elevator that fits within your budget.

Conclusion On Automobile Elevators

Freight elevators can be a valuable solution for storing & moving vehicles. By choosing the right freight elevator for your needs and installing it properly, you can help to improve the efficiency and safety of all who use your parking structure.

Here are some additional tips for choosing and installing a freight elevator for your parking garage:

  •  Make sure the elevator is certified by a recognized safety organization.
  •  Have the elevator installed by a qualified professional.
  •  Provide regular maintenance for the elevator to keep it in good working order.
Why Choose Liberty Elevator Corporation

When dealing with a freight or automobile elevator for your property, we know you have a variety of companies to choose from to handle your elevator installation, modernization, and maintenance. However, Liberty Elevator stands out from the competition in the following ways:

Professionalism: We’ve been in business since 1960, so you can count on our experience to provide you with the best freight elevator solution for your location.

Reliability: We fully understand how your business depends on the reliability of your car elevators, so we work quickly and diligently to get your facility up and running smoothly.

Communication: We believe in transparency, so you can rest assured we’ll provide you with open and honest communication throughout your freight elevator’s life cycle.

If you have questions about Automobile Lifts & Freight Elevators, contact Liberty Today.

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