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Uplifting Elevator Jokes

Dru Brooks

With 60 years in the Elevator Industry, we have heard it all, but good elevator jokes are still funny on so many levels. Here is a list of some of our favorite uplifting elevator puns and jokes that really push our buttons. If you think you can step it up, add your best elevator joke in the comments section below for a chance to win a Liberty Elevator prize pack.


Elevator Puns Never Let Us Down

  • I’m terrified of elevators, I’ve been taking steps to avoid them.
  • Why do they call them lifts in the UK & elevators in the US? Because we’re raised differently.
  • I was looking for a pun in the elevator, but it let me down.
  • Why did the sad ghost take the elevator? To lift his spirit.
  • Elevator puns are bad on so many levels.
  • Thank an elevator today for picking you up when you’re down.
  • How’s the elevator business? It has its ups and downs.
  • Elevator puns really push my buttons.
  • Why should you break up in the elevator? It will let you down gently.
  • These elevator jokes really drive me up the wall.
  • What is the elevator mechanics favorite movie? ‘Shaft’ of course!
  • Elevators have an uplifting story, they rise from the pits to the penthouse.
  • What did one competitive elevator say to the other? You’re going down!
  • Why did the gambling cowboy put his steer in the elevator? To raise the steaks!
  • Why is the elevator always sick? It keeps coming down with something.
  • Everyone hates the prison elevator, it’s condescending.
  • Beware of sneaky elevators, they are always up to something.
  • Good puns are like broken elevators, they never let you down.
  • Why did our dad start us in the elevator business? Because he thought it was a good way to raise his kids.

Can You Take It To The Next Level?

Whether you found this uplifting or you thought it was the pits, tell us your favorite ‘clean’ elevator joke for a chance to win a Liberty Elevator prize pack! Leave your best elevator pun in the comment section below & we will pick one winner from all submitted.

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