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Time to Modernize Your Elevator?

Dru Brooks

The lifespan of an elevator is typically 20-25 years, but there may be times within that period where it will become necessary to consider modernizing your elevator to keep it working safely as well as efficiently. Modernization of an elevator is a common task in New Jersey as well as New York.


4 Reasons to Consider Modernizing Your Elevator

Modernizing of an elevator is a strategic step that involves careful planning, capital investment, and understanding of the need. The task focuses on the replacement of components instead of a full replacement to ensure smooth working and functionality.

Elevators have a crucial role to play in society, and therefore it is important prioritize their modernization when the time comes. There are several reasons why the modernization of elevators becomes essential and beneficial. Let us look at reasons that signal the need for an upgrade of your elevator, so you know when to take the next step.

1. Safety Codes

Safety has to be the top most reason to consider modernizing your elevator. Elevators that lack the latest technologies and equipment can prove to be dangerous. They can begin to be susceptible to unexpected shutdowns. Furthermore, such elevators can undergo uneven floor landings, unreliable emergency phones, unresponsive doors for passengers, etc. It is essential for an elevator to comply with the standard building and safety codes.

2. Improving Efficiency

Elevators that are an inefficient waste a lot of money and energy. The long wait times caused by inefficient elevators can cause unrest among the tenants. Upgrading the system will help in making the rides quieter and smoother resulting in shorter wait times, reduced repair costs and an increase in the number of satisfied passengers.

3. Helps in Saving Total Cost From Full Replacement

The modernization of elevators can save you a great deal of money as you invest required capital in upgrading the efficiency and performance of the existing components of the elevator. Building owners can save capital by upgrading systems such as the controller, cab closure and signal equipment, etc. Furthermore, short-term costs that go in the upgrade of components save the life cycle cost of complete replacement.

4. Increasing the Value of the Building

Modernization of the elevator results in an overall improvement in the reliability and safety of the equipment that consequently increases the value of your building. Upgrading parts like the controller, door equipment, cab enclosure, and the signal equipment can have several advantages such as:

  • The Controller: Upgrading the controller will result in more accurate floor leveling with increased energy efficiency. The response time will be faster, and there will be increased ride comfort for passengers.
  • The Cab Enclosure: Upgrading the cab enclosure will increase the chances of meeting the codes of the American Disabilities Act (ADA). The low voltage lighting will aid in increased energy efficiency that will improve passenger comfort.
  • Signal Equipment: Modernizing the signal equipment would lead towards ADA compliance along with resistance to vandalism.
  • Modernization helps to maintain the performance of elevators when they are nearing their decline. The process increases the efficiency of the elevators and reduces the energy costs along with the complete cost of a full replacement.

Liberty Elevator Can Help

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