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Avoid Summer's Heat & Elevator Breakdowns

Liberty Elevator Corporation


Heat Management Solutions to Reduce Elevator Repairs & Breakdowns this Summer! 

The summer heat can cause catastrophic damage to your elevator equipment, so don't let your lift get you fired up. Although it may be cool today, you can rest assured that the heat of summer is just around the corner. The warmer temps may sound appealing to you personally, but they can be downright crippling to your facility.

Seasonal temperature fluctuations often cause power disruptions, resulting in major equipment malfunctions. Check that your generators & auxiliary power supplies are properly charged in case of a heat induced power outage. When the thermometer spikes, ensure that your investments are protected with these energy-saving applications!

Regulate The Temperature Of Your Elevator Motor Room!

No one enjoys working in the summer heat and humidity, and your elevator is no exception. Whether your commercial elevator is hydraulic or traction-based, high temperatures can significantly affect both the electronic and mechanical functions of the equipment. This can lead to issues such as premature breakdown of lubrication and overheating of computer systems. To minimize the risk of breakdowns and ensure smooth elevator operation during the summer months, maintaining a temperature-controlled motor room is essential. Here are some key guidelines for summer elevator operation:

  • Be sure to keep your elevator's motor room between 45° and 90° degrees Fahrenheit with relative humidity not to exceed 85%.
  • Maintain proper ventilation within the elevator shaft and properly secure all doors and hatches that are exposed to the outdoors. 

Alternate Power Source - Powervator

To address power issues caused by heat, think about investing in a Powervator for your commercial elevator. This device offers an alternative power supply during outages, enhancing tenant safety by minimizing the risk of passengers getting stuck when power is lost or disrupted.

  • The battery-operated lowering device designed for many different types of elevators safely lowers your elevators, opens the cab doors, and shuts the elevator down with the doors open, allowing passengers to safely exit the car.
  • Automatic activation - The Powervator unit turns on automatically during power failure, providing multiple voltages for seamless elevator valve and door operation.
  • On/Off and Push-To-Test switches on the circuit board aid in routine diagnostic tests and allow safe elevator maintenance work. 
  • Maintenance-free gel-cell batteries are trickle-charged for prolonged life and reliability when the power goes out. Sealed batteries eliminate the possibility of dangerous fume build-up in the elevator shaft or mechanical room.
  • Complete unit is CSA approved.

Elevator Oil Cooler

Avoid hot oil problems like nuisance shutdowns, leveling problems and oil odor in your hydraulic elevator by installing an oil cooler. When the oil temperature in the reservoir reaches a preset limit, it is circulated through the radiator, reducing the oil temperature by nearly 40°F. The oil is also filtered as it runs through the system, which results in enhanced performance and extended component life. Benefits of an oil cooler include:

  • Smoother Stops & Starts during seasonal heat.
  • Extending component life, with fewer shutdowns.
  • Overall performance improvement while extending the life of your hydraulic components with internal filters.

Elevator Control Valves

Keep your hydraulic lift running smoothly when mother nature swings the outdoor temperatures & improve your overall elevator performance with new Control Valves. This upgrade provides maximum ride comfort, regardless of elevator load or temperature. Features include:

  • Lower energy and maintenance costs.
  • Hydraulic elevator control valves can offer Temperature Compensation over its entire operational temperature range (80 to 150 degrees F) resulting in:
    Smooth Up Start - Allows the pump motor to reach full running speed before load is applied to the motor.
    Up Transition - Provides unvarying transition through a wide pressure range.
    Up Leveling - Maintains leveling speed regardless of change of system pressure, oil viscosity or pump output.
  • Applicable in new installations and modernizations and has the capability to be retro-fitted to existing systems.
  • Optional Electronic control valves can greatly improve efficiency and operations at a higher initial investment, but may reduce costs over the elevator's lifetime.

Liberty Elevator Delivers 

As one of the top elevator companies in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania & Florida, Liberty Elevator understands that our customers have unique needs and offers our clients the freedom to choose. Whether choosing a customized elevator maintenance program, installing nonproprietary equipment, or providing a flexible agreement, Liberty Elevator provides knowledgeable recommendations for various models and vintages of elevator equipment.

Liberty Elevator is committed to keeping you from losing your cool this summer. Call us for an inspection and to review your summer elevator solutions before the heat gets you fired up!

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