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Does My Building Need a Commercial Elevator?

Elevators may seem like a staple in commercial buildings, but not every company has one. While a commercial elevator is not a necessity, they can benefit certain types of commercial buildings more than others. Since an elevator is a potentially large investment, consider these factors to tell if a commercial elevator is right for your building.



Diversity in the workplace is a must, and that includes people who may have physical difficulties in taking the stairs, such as wheelchair-users and the elderly. For these workers, and for many customers, accessibility is a must. If you want to better serve all potential customers and staff, having an elevator can help everyone get where they need to go easier.

Ease of Movement

Some types of commercial buildings involve businesses that require quickly traveling from one location to another to better perform jobs. Offices benefit from eliminating contesting foot traffic on stairways, and transporting larger objects between floors becomes much easier through elevators. When everyone can get where they need to in a much faster manner, productivity increases.

Client Benefit

If you have regularly visiting clients to your commercial building, elevators can provide a more modern look while also helping visitors easily find their way – especially if you have more than four floors. Apartment buildings benefit from elevators, as it’s more appealing to residents during their move-in and daily lives.

Staff Energy and Safety

Regularly running up and down the stairs can be exhausting, even for the most active of your staff members. Those employees who routinely need to hop between floors will likely appreciate an elevator to save their energy during a long day of work. Elevators are also incredibly safe, as they don’t include the same number of hazards that come with regularly rushing up and down stairs.

Sometimes, all you need is one good reason to install elevators in your commercial building – and we’ve given you four. If any of these scenarios sound like a fit for your building, it may be time to invest in an elevator system.