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What Can A Custom Elevator Say?

Dru Brooks


Custom Elevator Installation 

When installing an elevator in your building, there are several key factors to consider. What is your elevator’s main purpose? Will it be lifting employees, customers, products, equipment or cars? Will your elevator be located in your buildings’ main lobby, loading dock, parking garage or back of house? Will the elevator be a focal point of your business or just a functional requirement? No matter how you answers these questions, Liberty Elevator can help you design & install the perfect elevator to address your personal needs and add a custom flair you can be proud of. 

Elevators That Move You

If your elevator will be the key transportation hub of your business, consider how it will welcome your employees each day and how it will create an impression for your customers each time they enter your business. This is a lot of responsibility for your elevator, as it will be a centerpiece of your business for the next 20 years, so the design aspects and functionality you decide on now will be paying dividends over the next couple of decades. Your elevator is truly a long term investment in your business, don't miss the opportunity to make a statement.

What Does Your Elevator Say About You?

Visual impressions hold a conversation with your guests before you have even had a chance to tell your story. What does your property, your lobby or your elevator have to say about you? Are you reliable; do you answer when I call; is your delivery shaky; are you out of date or do you reflect precision, responsiveness and inspire confidence? Do you have "Vertical Style"?  

All of these impressions of your brand may already be in the minds of your guests well before your elevator doors open. Regular maintenance and elevator modernization can make an immediate improvement on how your business is perceived by your clients and your employees.

Elevate Employee Morale

It’s amazing how many companies spend thousands of dollars each year on efforts to improve employee morale & productivity when all they need to do is invest in their workspace. Everyone wants to work somewhere special and to feel that their company is willing to invest in their work experience. When attracting younger employees, the work environment & brand image become even more important.  So greeting your employees each day with a custom elevator that reflects your company’s values and image is a great way to take the work day to the next level. 

Lift the Tenant Experience

Creating a unified and visually appealing building is instrumental to attracting tenants. If you have upgraded your building's hallways, lobbies, and other public areas, renovating your elevator system is an excellent way to harmonize the building's aesthetics and complement your existing renovations. When a lobby has been renovated and looks exceptional, older looking elevators usually appear much more unappealing by comparison. Popular materials such as glass patterns, metals, stone, and wood in an elevator renovation are trendy features to implement that increase your property’s overall charm and are sure to attract more potential tenants.

Energy Efficiency Improves Profitability 

Modern elevators are far more energy efficient and cost effective when compared to older systems, and many contain new technologies to help reduce wait times and decrease the number of wasted trips. By improving convenience & the user experience, you are increasing the value of your property while reducing operational costs. A modernized elevator can maximize your profitability and add charm to your building by making a lasting impression on all who enter.

Liberty Elevator Delivers Vertical Style

Liberty Elevator Corporation stands out from the competition because of our unique ability to collaborate with architects, designers, and management teams and marry specific branding and messaging with practical equipment application.

Our specialties include custom glass elevators, round and distinctively shaped elevators, low overhead restrictions, and high-end retail elevators. Our engineering expertise allows us to work within our customers' requirements and translate their vision into a vertical transportation solution. Past work has included effective partnerships with historical landmark buildings, the National Park Service, luxury retail brands, and custom private residence elevators.

If you have a custom elevator project and you would like a quote or have further inquiries, please submit the following form on the Contact Us page and we will make today's ideas into tomorrow's reality.

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