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New York skyline centered on the empire state building

Liberty Elevator In The World Spotlight

Dru Brooks

Music Video Centered Around Elevator

"It's not every day that you hang out with international pop stars to shoot a music video featuring your elevator.... But then again, Liberty Elevator Corporation isn't your 'every day' elevator company."

Check out the Chainsmokers latest video, shot onsite @ the Vessel in Hudson Yards as well as overlooking the Statue of Liberty, two of Liberty Elevator's most iconic installations. If you look closely, you might even see Liberty Elevator's own Dominick Salvatore in the shadows making it all come together.

This is the most comprehensive video shot of the Vessel at this time, showing this amazing structure from all angles. Capturing the reflective copper cladding, the structure's dimensions, integrated platforms & it's beautiful glass elevator. Even if you don't arrive by helicopter, like those in the video, the views and interactive experience of the Vessel are truly breath taking.

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