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Choosing the Right Commercial Elevator for Your Building

If you’ve decided to install an elevator in your commercial building, or you’re replacing an existing system, there’s still a little more work to do before you get to the installation.

4 Tips to Selecting the Right Commercial Elevator

When selecting an elevator, there are several considerations to keep in mind so you can get the right choice for your building.


Daily Use and Purpose

Commercial elevators can range from those in offices to those in public parking garages, and they see different types of use and passengers as a result. Depending on the daily use, you may want to consider more durable materials to prevent damage and vandalism. You may also want to consider the size of your expected traffic and any other cargo passengers may be transporting.


The look of your elevators is just as important as the rest of your commercial buildings. Appearance can vary between luxury and freight elevators, so you’ll want to find the look that best fits your needs. You also want to select a style that blends into the rest of your building’s available décor.

Safety Standards

Elevators are a reliable form of transportation because of the safety standards surrounding them. When considering and purchasing an elevator, you want to ensure that it adheres to the relevant safety standards. This doesn’t just include weight loads, but also safety brakes and other emergency features.


Elevator cabs don’t have to be expensive, but they can be depending on the design and how much you customize it to fit your needs. Just like with any other major purchase for your commercial building, you want to establish a budget before you dig too deep into your search. There are still numerous options that look stylish, but are much more affordable.

Choosing the right elevator for your commercial building can take a lot of work, but it’s worth the effort. With the right decisions, you’ll have a new addition to your building that fits the look, meets safety regulations, and provides a convenient form of transport

Liberty Elevator Can Help

We are committed to making your elevator run as efficiently as possible through regular maintenance, modernization & installation of your equipment.  Contact Liberty Elevator for an inspection of your property and an honest assessment of your elevator options.